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    Willard Hall and his firm have an outstanding record of representation, including many acquittals, in cases involving Family Violence. The term Family Violence includes the following types of cases:

  1. Assault, Family Violence.
  2. Domestic Abuse
  3. Injury to Children, Elderly or Disabled Persons
  4. Protective Order Violation
  5. Child Sex Abuse
  6. Spousal Sexual Assault
  7. Kidnapping
  8. Burglary
  9. Criminal Trespass
  10. Stalking
  11. Terroristic Threats
  12. Many alleged crimes

Family Violence
    A Misdemeanor, perhaps. A minor case, no!

    No case of family violence is minor. Consider the all-too-familiar scene of a family argument where someone has called the police. In bygone days, police called to the scenes of family arguments would do some on-the-spot social work and then simply leave the parties to resolve their difficulties on their own. In a slightly later time, if there was an arrest, all the victim had to do was to tell police he or she did not want to press charges any longer, and the case would go away.

    Today, with 'victim's rights' groups putting our legislatures in a vice grip, it is a vastly different story. Now, there are such things as 'family violence task forces,' and teams of police and prosecutors, State and Federal, out to get you... who they call 'the Perpetrator.'

    And even if you are the subject of a routine 'protective order' when released on ball on a family violence misdemeanor, or if one is issued in a divorce case, guess what? Under 'Federal Law you are prohibited from owning or even possessing a firearm or even ammunition. In fact, even having one .22 caliber bullet in the glove compartment of your automobile, found after you were stopped for a seat-belt violation, can lead to up to 10 years confinement in Federal Prison.

    Today, even when the victim wants to drop the charges, the State still 'picks up' the case. Even if the victim does not want to show up for court, the State still has vast powers of 'subpoena' and the court can even issue a 'writ of attachment' to have the alleged victim arrested and brought to court to testify. If the victim wants to change her story... well, that's a very serious matter now for the victim who can face criminal threats of perjury. More charges, like 'felony witness tampering' can issue against you, 'the perpetrator'. And you can loose your right to own or possess even grandpa's tarnished old hunting rifle!

    Do you still think these cases are minor? Think again.

    In today's society it takes two incomes to provide food, clothing and shelter to a family. No one has time any more for anything, even an evening meal together. The slightest glitch, with a troublesome boss or difficult customer at work, with day care, a child with an 'D' on a report card, a leaky faucet, not to mention job cuts and lay-offs, can tax any family unit to the extreme.

    At the Willard Hall Firm we are proud to say we not only know the law, we know life! We will be the one piece of the legal system that will work for you, not against you. And we will never, never call you a 'perpetrator'. We will be proud to call you 'a client', and we will work for you and your rights. We will be happy to challenge those who challenge you, and put your case before a jury of your peers, working men and women like you.


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