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Texas DWI Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Social Security     Hello! My name is Willard Hall and I am a licensed Texas lawyer or 'attorney.' I recognize that many people who find their way to my website may be going through a bad period in their lives for a variety of reasons. If this applies to you, let me assure you that you can rely upon me and my staff to be honest, accurate, reliable, hard-working and efficient regardless of the circumstances surrounding your legal difficulty. I have had my own law firm since 1981. I have a wealth of legal experience available for your needs.

    I was born, raised and have lived my entire life in Beaumont, Southeastern, Texas. I come from a long line of hard-working, reliable and honest Texans.

    My law firm has been very successful for over 30 years. Maybe you would like us to put our experience to work for you. Listed below are the kinds of cases my firm enjoys handling.

  1. 'Drunk Driving' or DWI cases of all kinds. (click here) Today, it's a bad mistake to take a DWI charge lightly. At my firm, DWI cases are taken very seriously.

  2. 'Criminal Cases' of all kinds and categories. (click here) At my firm, we will respect the fact that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Even if you are among the varying shades of 'guilty,' we will do everything necessary to protect your rights and to make certain you are treated fairly in the justice system.

  3. 'Social Security Cases' mostly for people who are over the age of 50, who have worked hard all their lives, and who are now too sick or injured to continue working. (click here).

  4. 'Select Personal Injury Cases' Most of the personal injury cases we tackle are small to medium sized, but they are always legitimate and vital to our clients. For more info on personal injury cases, click here.

We are The Willard Hall Firm; Attorneys, Paralegals, Secretaries and Professionals.
  1. For a reasonable legal fee, we provide competent, ethical, and highly effective legal services, trials and appeals, in the Southeast Texas region.

  2. Our special area of interest is DWI defense and related offenses.

  3. Our other areas of interest include criminal defense, Social Security and small to medium sized personal injury cases.

  4. We believe that preparation and hard work are the cornerstones to a successful case outcome.

  5. We know there is no such thing as an easy way out, a quick fix, or a simple solution.

  6. We keep our clients regularly informed about their case status.

  7. We will never sacrifice the interests of one client for the interests of another.

  8. We remain reasonably available to our clients for telephone or office visit.

  9. We protect our client's trust and confidence as zealously as our firm's trade secretes and work product.

  10. Our word is our bond.

  11. The Willard Hall Firm utilizes "total resource management" techniques, similar to those employed in the airline industry. To get the greatest benefit of our firm's total services, clients are encouraged to interact with each member of our professional staff during every telephone or office visit.

Our Creed:      

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